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Hotels in Yablanitsa. Vllas, chalets and guest houses in Yablanitsa. User reviews.
Yablanitsa has a central position in the Lovech Municipality, and it is located near Etropole, Teteven and Pravets. The town territory has been inhabited since ancient times (Paleolithic) as there are remains of life from the Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC) and Antiquity, which is evidenced by the Thracian mounds discovered in most of the areas around Yablanitsa. There are numerous artifacts from Roman times. The name Yablanitsa was found for the first time in some settlement lists of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th century, although the settlement has existed before that. Originally its name was Ablanitsa coming from the Greek word "ablan", which means "high poplar". Yablanitsa is an excellent starting point for tourism in the Teteven Balkan, which offers excellent opportunities for hiking, picnics and outings. One of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria is nearby (25 km) - Saeva Dupka, as well as the caves of Morovitsa, Peshta and others. The caves are reachable through scenic eco-trails that also lead to many natural attractions and picturesque sites. Yablanitsa is a starting point specifically for three official marked routes. Another interesting landmark next to Yablanitsa (12 km) is the Glozhenski Monastery St. George from the 13th century (reconstructed in the 15th century). The town is situated close to the karst spring of the Zlatna Panega River - the largest one in Bulgaria. The Geo-Park of Iskar-Panega is situated 20 km from it. It is a unique complex of natural and historical landmarks. There isn't a great selection of hotels in Yablanitsa for those wishing to stay in the town. There are one or two family hotels, but in contrast, there are many guest houses and villas for rent in the nearby hamlets and villages. Generally the hotels in Yablanitsa offer low cost rooms and good accommodation, but the guests of the town, who do not insist on staying at a hotel, may choose one of the cozy guest houses next to Yablanitsa that offer home-like comfort, tranquility and modern facilities at very attractive rates.
List of hotels in Yablanitsa
name:Sharenite Kashti near Yablanitsa|stars:0|website:1|category:10
Sharenite Kashti near Yablanitsa
Sharenite Kashti near Yablanitsa 
Braevets Locality, Yablanitsa
+359 886 843920, +359 878 886 843920
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Hotels in locations near Yablanitsa. The approximate distances are estimated between the centers of the locations.
name:Holiday Village Orlova Skala|stars:3|website:1|category:10
Holiday Village Orlova Skala
Holiday Village Orlova Skala 
Etropole Municipality, Lopyan
approximately 16.7 km south of Yablanitsa.
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name:Guest House Kumanitsa|stars:0|website:0|category:7
Guest House Kumanitsa
Guest House Kumanitsa 
6 Dunavska Street, Karash
approximately 17.1 km north-west of Yablanitsa.
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name:Family Hotel Gorska Feya|stars:2|website:1|category:1
Family Hotel Gorska Feya
Family Hotel Gorska Feya 
approximately 17.1 km north-west of Yablanitsa.
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name:Apartment for Rent in Teteven|stars:2|website:0|category:5
Apartment for Rent in Teteven
Apartment for Rent in Teteven 
approximately 18.0 km south-east of Yablanitsa.
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Sights and attractions in and near Yablanitsa. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Saeva Dupka Cave, Brestnitsa - approximately 7.4 kilometers east.
National Cave House, Lukovit - approximately 17.5 kilometers north.
Museum of History, Teteven - approximately 17.9 kilometers south-east.
Church St Nikolay, Kunino - approximately 20.0 kilometers north-west.
Samuilitsa Cave, Kunino - approximately 20.2 kilometers north-west.
Trulensis Fortress, Kunino - approximately 20.9 kilometers north-west.
Etropole Monastery Holy Trinity, Etropole - approximately 23.0 kilometers south.
Museum of History, Etropole - approximately 23.3 kilometers south.
Clock Tower, Etropole - approximately 23.4 kilometers south.
Strupets Monastery St Elijah The Prophet, Strupets - approximately 23.5 kilometers north-west.
Dolna Beshovitsa Monastery St Archangel Michael, Dolna Beshovitsa - approximately 24.8 kilometers north-west.
Botevgrad Monastery Nativity of Theotokos, Botevgrad - approximately 27.7 kilometers south-west.
Locations with hotels near Yablanitsa. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Hotels in Lopyan - approximately 16.7 kilometers south.
Hotels in Karash - approximately 17.1 kilometers north-west.
Hotels in Teteven - approximately 18.0 kilometers south-east.
Hotels in Lukovit - approximately 20.8 kilometers north.
Hotels in Yamna - approximately 21.3 kilometers south.
Hotels in Etropole - approximately 22.7 kilometers south.
Hotels in Divchovoto - approximately 23.7 kilometers south-east.
Hotels in Lesidren - approximately 25.1 kilometers east.
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