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Hotels in Popovo. Vllas, chalets and guest houses in Popovo. User reviews.
Popovo is located in Northeastern Bulgaria, 30 km from Razgrad and about 35 km from Targovishte. Being inhabited since ancient times, the territory of Popovo offers many cultural and historical sites to anyone who is interested in ancient and medieval history. Three prehistoric mounds from the Chalcolithic era were found in the area of Popovo, as well as nine Thracian burial mounds. Remains of a large ancient Roman settlement and a small medieval village were found in the outskirts of the town. The following landmarks are among the major cultural and historical sites in Popovo: the Thracian Beehive Masonry Tomb from the end of the IV century BC, located in the village of Gagovo; the Late Roman fortress of Kovachevsko Kale (a part of the Roman settlement), located about six kilometres west of the town, the Kapanski architectural and ethnographic complex in the village of Sadina that reveals the manners, lifestyle and culture of the Kapantsi people and others. In the town itself one may visit the old church of St. Archangel Michael from 1863, the lyceum from 1891 and the Historical Museum. Popovo is a great choice for the lovers of active recreation. The town is proud of its century-old garden that has turned into a forest park, reaching Kavatsite Lake - suitable for relaxation and fishing. The hunting tourism is perfectly developed in the area of the town, mainly in Marinka Laka locality and the villages of Golyamo Gradishte and Elenovo. Those town guests who prefer ecotourism may go trekking along the eco-trail of Golyamata Reka. It is relatively new and is located 20 km south of Popovo, along the river valley Buyuk Dere. The area is pristine and very interesting because it is a natural border between the Fore-Balkan and the Danube Plain offering an intriguing mixture of forests, rocks and rivers. The choice of hotels in Popovo is limited. As a rule, they offer low prices for accommodation and they are located in the town centre. The hotels in Popovo are about 8 in number, ranging from classic hotels to family hotels, hostels, guest houses and bungalow complexes.
List of hotels in Popovo
name:Hotel Marini|stars:3|website:1|category:1
Hotel Marini
Hotel Marini 
18 BulgariaBlvd., Popovo
+359 608 22245, +359 887 949232
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name:Hotel Inn Kati|stars:2|website:1|category:1
Hotel Inn Kati
Hotel Inn Kati 
77 Vastanicheska Street, Popovo
+359 889 272926, +359 608 46024
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Sights and attractions in and near Popovo. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Early Byzantine Fortress, Dolna Kabda - approximately 15.6 kilometers south-east.
Kazi Ana Teke, Momino - approximately 22.6 kilometers south-east.
Karanvarbovski Monastery St Marina, Karan Varbovka - approximately 22.8 kilometers north-west.
Petka Balkan Protected Area, Bratovo - approximately 23.3 kilometers south-east.
Parka Area and the Horse, Targovishte - approximately 28.1 kilometers south-east.
Kurmovo Kale Fortress (Misionis), Targovishte - approximately 28.6 kilometers south-east.
Derventskata Cave, Prolaz - approximately 29.3 kilometers south-east.
Locations with hotels near Popovo. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Hotels in Targovishte - approximately 30.2 kilometers east.
Hotels in Razgrad - approximately 30.9 kilometers north-east.
Hotels in Cherven Ruse - approximately 33.8 kilometers north-west.
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