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Hotels in Novakovo. Vllas, chalets and guest houses in Novakovo. User reviews.
Novakovo is a village in the Municipality of Asenovgrad. It is situated on the main road Plovdiv - Kardzhali in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains (northern foothill of the Prespa ridge), 22 km southeast of the municipal centre, 42 km from Plovdiv and 63 km from Kardzhali. The Novakovo territory has been inhabited since ancient times, but the first information about the village is from the time of the Ottoman rule, when it was called Kyuchuk Stambol or Small Istanbul. After being completely burnt during the slavery, the village was depopulated, but gradually it was settled again and since then it has the name of Novakovo. Priest Angel Cholakov or Angel Voivode was born here. He was a close associate of Levski, who founded a secret revolutionary committee here. Angel Voivode participated in the April Uprising, and witnessed not only Bulgaria's Liberation from slavery, but also the Unification that was sanctified as an event by his silver cross and sword. There is a monument in his honour in the centre of Novakovo. Currently, the village is suitable for eco and rural tourism. The Novakovo Mountain provides good opportunities for hunting and fishing (Mechka Dam). The region has many nice trails for picnics and the trekking fans may get to Sini Vrah Hut, which is 10 km from Novakovo and is part of the European E-8 Long distance walking route. It can be reached by asphalt road and a marked trail. Dalga Polyana Peak is about 40 minutes from the hut where there is the meadow area of the same name that offers unique panoramic views of Plovdiv and the Upper Thracian Plain. There are good sports facilities. Novakovo is also an interesting place for religious tourism. The Church of the Ascension from 1876 is situated in its centre. It is listed as a monument of culture and there are 17 different chapels in the area around Novakovo. Last but not least, the remains of a 12th-century church were discovered in the St. Athanasius locality in 2004. Besides Sini Vrah Hut there are no other accommodation places, including hotels, in Novakovo.
List of hotels in Novakovo
name:Sini Vruh Chalet|stars:0|website:0|category:11
Sini Vruh Chalet
Sini Vruh Chalet 
Katranishte Locality, Novakovo
+359 336 561
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Hotels in locations near Novakovo. The approximate distances are estimated between the centers of the locations.
name:The Old Houses|stars:2|website:1|category:7
The Old Houses
The Old Houses 
Kabata Locality, Belintash
approximately 8.8 km south-west of Novakovo.
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name:Hotel Complex Diana|stars:3|website:1|category:1
Hotel Complex Diana
Hotel Complex Diana 
approximately 11.1 km north-west of Novakovo.
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name:Hotel Everest|stars:2|website:0|category:1
Hotel Everest
Hotel Everest 
38 Trakia Square, Cherven
approximately 11.1 km north-west of Novakovo.
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Villa Donka
Villa Donka 
approximately 16.7 km west of Novakovo.
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Sights and attractions in and near Novakovo. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Rocky SAnctuary Pitvoto, Vrata - approximately 8.0 kilometers west.
Rocky Sanctuary Turskata Kulya, Mostovo - approximately 8.9 kilometers south-west.
Rocky Sanctuary Haydutkaya, Mostovo - approximately 10.6 kilometers south-west.
Rocky Sanctuary Karadjov Kamak, Mostovo - approximately 11.9 kilometers south-west.
Krastova Gora Holy Complex, Borovo - approximately 13.6 kilometers south-west.
Rocky Sanctuary Hambartash, Belitsa, Lucky - approximately 13.7 kilometers south-west.
Rock Chapel St Peter, Bukovo, Parvomay - approximately 14.7 kilometers north-east.
Archaeological Complex Dragoyna Peak, Bukovo, Parvomay - approximately 15.4 kilometers north-east.
Arapovski Monastery St Nedelya, Zlatovrah - approximately 15.5 kilometers north-west.
Game Reserve Kormisosh, Belitsa, Lucky - approximately 15.7 kilometers south-west.
Muldava Monastery St Petka, Muldava - approximately 16.0 kilometers north-west.
Rocky Bridge Shapran Dupka, Belitsa, Lucky - approximately 16.4 kilometers south-west.
Kozlek Fortress, Dragoynovo - approximately 17.7 kilometers north-east.
Bachkovo Waterfall, Bachkovo - approximately 18.0 kilometers west.
Bakurianovska Ossuary at the Bachkovo Monastery, Bachkovo - approximately 18.4 kilometers west.
Bachkovo Monastery Dormition of the Theotokos, Bachkovo - approximately 18.8 kilometers west.
Slivodolskoto Padalo Waterfall, Bachkovo - approximately 18.8 kilometers west.
Assen's Fortress, Assenovgrad - approximately 19.1 kilometers north-west.
Thracian Rock Niches, Nenkovo - approximately 19.6 kilometers south-east.
St George Church, Assenovgrad - approximately 19.9 kilometers north-west.
Locations with hotels near Novakovo. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Hotels in Belintash - approximately 8.8 kilometers south-west.
Hotels in Cherven - approximately 11.1 kilometers north-west.
Hotels in Borovo - approximately 16.7 kilometers west.
Hotels in Bachkovo - approximately 18.4 kilometers west.
Hotels in Zagrajden - approximately 20.1 kilometers south.
Hotels in Assenovgrad - approximately 20.4 kilometers north-west.
Hotels in Lucky - approximately 20.5 kilometers west.
Hotels in Lyaskovo - approximately 23.1 kilometers north-west.
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