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Hotels in Kyulevcha. Vllas, chalets and guest houses in Kyulevcha. User reviews.
name:Guest House Ralitsa|stars:0|website:1|category:7
Guest House Ralitsa
Guest House Ralitsa 
1 General Diebitsch Street, Kyulevcha
+359 887 301721
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name:Guest House At Bai Rusi's|stars:1|website:0|category:7
Guest House At Bai Rusi's
Guest House At Bai Rusi's 
22 Ivan Vazov Street, Kyulevcha
+359 889 630064, +359 899 288488
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name:Dragievi Houses|stars:2|website:0|category:7
Dragievi Houses
Dragievi Houses 
2 Tolbuhin Street, Kyulevcha
+359 895 610607
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name:Guest House Diana|stars:0|website:0|category:7
Guest House Diana
Guest House Diana 
6 Avrova Street, Kyulevcha
+359 895 458252
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name:Villa Bulgara Eco|stars:3|website:1|category:7
Villa Bulgara Eco
Villa Bulgara Eco 
1 Hadji Dimitar Street, Kyulevcha
+359 892 604150, +359 892 504178
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Sights and attractions in and near Kyulevcha. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Madara Horseman, Madara - approximately 2.2 kilometers north.
Rock Monasteries near Nevsha Village43.248235,27.249219, Nevsha - approximately 10.8 kilometers east.
Kokil Tepe Kale Fortress, Nevsha - approximately 11.0 kilometers east.
Golyaoto Bulo Fortress, Vetrino - approximately 13.8 kilometers east.
Railway Station Shumen, Shumen - approximately 14.1 kilometers west.
Bus Station Shumen, Shumen - approximately 14.1 kilometers west.
National Historic-Archaeological Reserve Pliska, Pliska - approximately 14.5 kilometers north.
House Museum Panayot Volov, Shumen - approximately 15.0 kilometers west.
St Three Magi Church, Shumen - approximately 15.1 kilometers west.
Regional Museum of History, Shumen - approximately 15.3 kilometers west.
Locations with hotels near Kyulevcha. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Hotels in Madara - approximately 2.4 kilometers north-west.
Hotels in Marash - approximately 14.6 kilometers south-west.
Hotels in Shumen - approximately 15.7 kilometers west.
Hotels in Osmar - approximately 21.9 kilometers west.
Hotels in Dragoevo - approximately 25.1 kilometers south-west.
Hotels in Veliki Preslav - approximately 27.2 kilometers south-west.
Hotels in Asparuhovo - approximately 35.2 kilometers south-east.
Hotels in Devnya - approximately 35.9 kilometers east.
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