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Hotels in Iskar Reservoir. Vllas, chalets and guest houses in Iskar Reservoir. User reviews.
The Iskar Reservoir is one of the most famous and beautiful, and most visited reservoirs in Bulgaria. Its wall is situated only 25 km after leaving Sofia on the road to Samokov, while the Iskar Reservoir itself has a length of 13.5 km. Being commissioned in 1954, it was the largest construction in Bulgaria at the time and it still is the largest reservoir in the country with a total surface area of 30 sq. km. The total volume of the reservoir is 673 million cubic metres. The width of its wall is 76 metres and its length along the crest is 204 metres. The Iskar Reservoir was built on the eponymous river in a northwest-southeast direction. Its main purpose is water supply and power production through a hydropower plant. 78% of the reservoir water is used for the potable water needs of Sofia, and the power is produced by the hydropower plants of Kokalyane and Pasarel along the hydropower cascade of Iskar. The reservoir is an established tourist destination for fans of fishing, sailing and other water sports, as well as for all those who love to spend their holidays close to nature. The western part of the reservoir is the narrowest - it is a guarded water feeding zone where fishing and swimming are prohibited. The rest of the reservoir is a wonderful place to relax. On the southwest shore, where the road Sofia-Samokov passes, there are many holiday settlements, villas and guest houses, camping sites with tents and caravans, as well as many hotels near Iskar Reservoir. The selection of hotels is really good. They are all located on the shore and offer fabulous views. The hotel rooms' prices along the Iskar Reservoir are generally affordable and the accommodation conditions are very good. The entire area of the opposite northwest shore is occupied by the Iskar State Hunting Reserve, which provides conditions for photo safaris, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding of special locally grown pure-bred horses from Eastern European breed. Here are bred red deer, fallow deer, moufflon, wild boar, etc. The following fish can be caught in the Iskar Reservoir: European chub, catfish, carp, bream, crucian, white fish, bass, common nase, common roach, silver carp, rudd, bleak. Some of the best fishing areas are the reservoir mouth, the Movie house, Shipochanski Bay, the Shtarkelovo Gnezdo resort area, and the area around the hunting reserve of Avala (by boat). The Iskar Reservoir offers great opportunities for walks by pedalos, boats, jet ski, motor boat or kayak. Regattas are held with sailing boats. The area is suitable for hiking, walks, and picnics. The St. Peter and Paul Dolnopasarelski Monastery is situated next to the village of Dolni Pasarel. Samokov is 10-15 km away from the Iskar Reservoir. It has many cultural and historical sites. Borovets is 10 km further, offering excellent skiing and winter sports, hiking and trekking.
List of hotels in Iskar Reservoir
name:Hotel Kamelot|stars:3|website:1|category:1
Hotel Kamelot
Hotel Kamelot 
Shtarkelovo Gnezdo Locality, Iskar Reservoir
+359 896 605514, +359 896 605509
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Hotels in locations near Iskar Reservoir. The approximate distances are estimated between the centers of the locations.
name:Peyova Buka Chalet|stars:0|website:0|category:11
Peyova Buka Chalet
Peyova Buka Chalet 
Peyova Buka Locality, Dolni Pasarel
approximately 10.4 km north-west of Iskar Reservoir.
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name:Hotel Niko|stars:2|website:1|category:1
Hotel Niko
Hotel Niko 
30 Makedonia Street, Samokov
approximately 14.4 km south of Iskar Reservoir.
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name:Hotel Sonata|stars:3|website:1|category:1
Hotel Sonata
Hotel Sonata 
4 Petar Beron Street, Samokov
approximately 14.4 km south of Iskar Reservoir.
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name:Hotel Kokoshkovata House|stars:3|website:1|category:1
Hotel Kokoshkovata House
Hotel Kokoshkovata House 
84 Tsar Boris III Street, Samokov
approximately 14.4 km south of Iskar Reservoir.
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Sights and attractions in and near Iskar Reservoir. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Museum of History, Samokov - approximately 14.3 kilometers south.
Girls' Monastery Protection of the Theotokos, Samokov - approximately 15.3 kilometers south.
Medieval Complex Tsari Mali Grad, Belchinski Bani - approximately 20.1 kilometers south-west.
Biosphere Reserve Bistrishko Branishte, Sofia - approximately 24.0 kilometers north-west.
Business Park Sofia, Sofia - approximately 24.2 kilometers north-west.
Simeonovo Ski Lift, Sofia - approximately 24.8 kilometers north-west.
IKEA Sofia, Sofia - approximately 25.1 kilometers north-west.
Aleko Mountain Hut and Ski Center, Sofia - approximately 26.6 kilometers north-west.
Peak Cherni Vrah, Sofia - approximately 26.7 kilometers north-west.
University of National and World Economy, Sofia - approximately 27.6 kilometers north-west.
Technical University Sofia, Sofia - approximately 27.8 kilometers north-west.
Sofia Airport, Sofia - approximately 27.9 kilometers north-west.
Monastery of Draglevtsi Assumption of Mary, Sofia - approximately 28.3 kilometers north-west.
Arena Armeec Sofia, Sofia - approximately 28.3 kilometers north-west.
Sofia Zoo, Sofia - approximately 29.2 kilometers north-west.
Festivalna Hall and Academic Stadium, Sofia - approximately 29.6 kilometers north-west.
Universiada Hall, Sofia - approximately 29.9 kilometers north-west.
Locations with hotels near Iskar Reservoir. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Hotels in Dolni Pasarel - approximately 10.4 kilometers north-west.
Hotels in Samokov - approximately 14.4 kilometers south.
Hotels in Jeleznitsa - approximately 18.7 kilometers north-west.
Hotels in Ihtiman - approximately 19.9 kilometers east.
Hotels in Belchinski Bani - approximately 19.9 kilometers south-west.
Hotels in Beli Iskar - approximately 21.7 kilometers south.
Hotels in Bistritsa - approximately 22.1 kilometers north-west.
Hotels in Raduil - approximately 22.1 kilometers south-east.
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