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Hotels in Gavril Genovo. Vllas, chalets and guest houses in Gavril Genovo. User reviews.
name:Balova Shuma Inn|stars:2|website:0|category:7
Balova Shuma Inn
Balova Shuma Inn 
Lopushanski Monastery, Gavril Genovo
+359 9558 578, +359 887 397301
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name:Guest House Milanovi|stars:0|website:0|category:7
Guest House Milanovi
Guest House Milanovi 
Gavril Genovo
+359 878 654581, +359 887 889772
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Hotels in locations near Gavril Genovo. The approximate distances are estimated between the centers of the locations.
name:Old Bistrilishki Houses|stars:2|website:1|category:7
Old Bistrilishki Houses
Old Bistrilishki Houses 
approximately 5.8 km south-east of Gavril Genovo.
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name:Glavanovtsi House|stars:0|website:0|category:7
Glavanovtsi House
Glavanovtsi House 
approximately 11.2 km south-west of Gavril Genovo.
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Sights and attractions in and near Gavril Genovo. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Chiprovtsi Monastery St Ivan Rilski, Chiprovtsi - approximately 10.1 kilometers west.
Ancient Roman Fortress Castra ad Montanenzium, Montana - approximately 12.9 kilometers east.
House Museum Hristo Mihailov, Montana - approximately 13.1 kilometers east.
Church St St Cyril and Methodius, Montana - approximately 13.2 kilometers east.
Drama Theater Dragomir Asenov, Montana - approximately 13.2 kilometers east.
Ogosta Park, Montana - approximately 13.3 kilometers east.
Locations with hotels near Gavril Genovo. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Hotels in Bistrilitsa - approximately 5.8 kilometers south-east.
Hotels in Glavanovtsi - approximately 11.2 kilometers south-west.
Hotels in Montana - approximately 13.5 kilometers east.
Hotels in Kopilovtsi - approximately 13.8 kilometers south-west.
Hotels in Chiprovtsi - approximately 14.5 kilometers west.
Hotels in Berkovitsa - approximately 18.6 kilometers south.
Hotels in Burzia - approximately 23.4 kilometers south.
Hotels in Spanchevtsi - approximately 27.5 kilometers south-east.
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