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Hotels in Gara Bov. Vllas, chalets and guest houses in Gara Bov. User reviews.
name:Villa Alamurovi|stars:0|website:1|category:10
Villa Alamurovi
Villa Alamurovi 
Ludjovitsa Hamlet, Gara Bov
+359 887 832482
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name:Trastena Chalet|stars:0|website:0|category:11
Trastena Chalet
Trastena Chalet 
Izdremets Locality, Gara Bov
+359 889 551011
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name:Villa Skaklya|stars:0|website:0|category:10
Villa Skaklya
Villa Skaklya 
Gara Bov
+359 896 661728, +359 2 9572171
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Hotels in locations near Gara Bov. The approximate distances are estimated between the centers of the locations.
name:Proboinitsa Chalet|stars:1|website:0|category:11
Proboinitsa Chalet
Proboinitsa Chalet 
approximately 8.6 km north of Gara Bov.
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name:Hotel Oasis|stars:3|website:0|category:1
Hotel Oasis
Hotel Oasis 
1 Stadiona Street, Zverino
approximately 18.1 km east of Gara Bov.
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Sights and attractions in and near Gara Bov. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Sedemte Prestola Monastery, Osenovlag - approximately 10.1 kilometers east.
Complex Grandpa Yotso Observes, Ochindol - approximately 12.3 kilometers north-east.
Borov Kamak Waterfall, Zgorigrad - approximately 19.0 kilometers north-east.
Cherepish Monastery Dormition of the Mother of God, Lyutibrod - approximately 22.9 kilometers east.
Ledenika Cave, Vratsa - approximately 23.3 kilometers north-east.
Vratsata Gorge, Vratsa - approximately 23.8 kilometers north-east.
Locations with hotels near Gara Bov. The aproximate distances shown are estimated from the center of the location.
Hotels in Gubislav - approximately 8.6 kilometers north.
Hotels in Zverino - approximately 18.1 kilometers east.
Hotels in Varshets - approximately 20.0 kilometers north.
Hotels in Spanchevtsi - approximately 20.6 kilometers north-west.
Hotels in Zgorigrad - approximately 22.1 kilometers north-east.
Hotels in Chelopek - approximately 24.2 kilometers north-east.
Hotels in Pavolche - approximately 25.2 kilometers north-east.
Hotels in Burzia - approximately 25.2 kilometers north-west.
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